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Hyperexperience is moving!

After more than four years and five hundred posts, I wanted to let you know that I’ve moved on and decided to focus all of my attention on Sourcemap. It’s the world’s only platform for supply chain transparency, and I think you’ll find it fascinating. You can always follow my articles on the new Sourcemap […]

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memorial jour

In a rare personal post, I would like to make this holiday statement into a memorial for my grandfather Rene Schneider (1910-2003) who was born in Lorraine and twice invaded during his life time. The second time, he was invited to a POW camp in Austria and documented the experience in these whimsical cartoons drawn […]

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open books

The best part of the China China China! exhibit at Florence’s Strozzina is the reading room: unlike all the boring, walk-by-and-out-the-door reading rooms you see at every art exhibit in the world, this particular room captivated us. Why? Because there was a photocopier in the room – a wonderful breach of copyright law, an encouragement […]

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connecting flights

dopplr is a social network for keeping track of you and your friends’ trips – and making sure you see each other when you get a chance. saul griffith talks about making sure you combine business and pleasure on trips to reduce your carbon footprint – so sign up and make your travels known!

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life is a game

the mixed reality lab at the national university of singapore built a new kind of video game that you play in real life: human pacman. the system works through a very ungainly wearable computer that overlays everyday paths with yellow spheres that you pick up to collect points. there are also cookies, for energy, and […]

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second office

josh lifton (of pushpin computing fame) presented his work on ‘dual reality‘(pdf) at the moda+tecnologia event. as part of his phd thesis he deployed activity sensors all around the medialab which look (and act) as power strips, but they record activity in the form of sound level, power consumption and movement. the data is collected […]

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fusion ping

at siggraph we saw plasma pong, which is crazy because you are in a liquid playing field where you can add sources, sinks, reverse gravity and affect buoyancy – the game above is cool, but by farmy favorite is the sandbox application, where you can visualize these fluid dynamics on your own terms with simple […]

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graph test

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