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Hijacking Ads

Last month at LUCID I had the honor of opening for Ji Lee, a Google employee who was discovered because of his brilliant guerilla advertisements or ‘hijackings’ as he calls them. He is responsible for The Bubble Project, a simple and thoroughly successful adbusting campaign where bubble stickers placed on posters invite crowd commentary. It […]

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virtual vandalism

Last month I saw Nokia champion Jurgen Scheible present Mobispray at Nightmarket 2008. He uses a cell phone to paint graffiti on anything through a multimedia projector. The real-time interaction is guided through a custom interface on a (of course) Nokia phone with an accelerometer to place and rotate dabs of virtual paint. It’s a […]

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taiwan power

Seen on the streets of Tainan City, Taiwan

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few human artifacts have traveled beyond the earth’s gravity, and even fewer were designed to carry a message to those beyond. compared to the elegance of the messages included with the pioneer and voyager spacecraft, our latest extraterrestrial broadcast seems a little immature. on the other hand, it’s very very small. mark wadsworth and tom […]

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user-generated art

rudolf stingel makes installations out by covering the walls of a gallery with panels of celotex tuff-R, an insulated foil-covered foam that invited visitors to scratch, gouge, rip and insert objects like a giant graffiti wall. it’s a very moving experience because there is a chaotic overlay of multi-scaled art unique and predictable. these installations […]

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open-source design promises a lot of invention but has trouble motivating a lot of people to contribute design work. but one kind of distributed design is flourishing: improvised explosive devices, which are the most effective tool against the american military in iraq. () one video demonstrates the user experience:

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the emperor’s new logo-T

i taped connor presenting his kameraflage at the siggraph 2007 unravel fashion show. from the catalogue description: kameraflageâ„¢ is display technology that is invisible to the naked eye, yet is visible when imaged with a digital camera. By integrating kameraflageâ„¢ into garments, a new level of expression is enabled for people who are limited by […]

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underdog tech

tad hirsh of the medialab’s smart cities group is a remarkable techno-artist whose work subverts the oppressive nature of computer technology to defend people in need. a quick survey of his work: we know that cell phones can be used to spy on us, so it follows that they can also be used to spy […]

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