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automatic garden

There are a number of plant–growing appliances out there meant to sit on your countertop and look nice next to your iPod – but not the Omega Garden Carousel. This industrial hydroponic behemoth packs 1,500 sf of farming into 150sf of floor space with cylindrical stainless steel cages that take turns soaking in a nutrient […]

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ill robots

While in Inverness I visited the Center for Health Science where I witnessed their state-of-the-art medical simulation equipment, including these incredibly sophisticated (and creepy) medical dummies. Doctors and nurses in training use them to train for real-life scenarios, so these life-like dolls have a temperature, a pulse, a voice and can undergo a number of […]

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slow death

Sam Taylor-Wood’s 2001 ‘still life’ (above) and 2002 ‘a little death’ (below) are stunning examples of time-lapse animation composed as seventeenth-century paintings of plenty. The rotting fruit and flesh represent the excesses of excess in an excessively beautiful grotesque. I am very happy that they finally exist on Youtube for us all to see.

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house of roots

While visiting the picturesque city of Tainan (Taiwan) I was lucky to see the so-called Tainan Treehouse, a monument made from the ruins of the island’s first Dutch colonial trading port. What looks like a 17th Century warehouse has been completely overgrown with the island’s lush tropical vegetation, sinuous tree roots marrying themselves to the […]

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nazi vegetarians

Gus introduced me to the eloquent carnivore’s magazine ‘meatpaper,’ where in the latest issue Benjamin Aldes Wurgaft writes about the vegetarian tendencies of the third reich: apparently Hitler was a vegetarian, and together with the leaders of the Nazi party they promoted the vegetarian diet – but for totally different motives than today’s vegheads: vegetarianism […]

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Transparency is a noble pursuit in this age of business2.0, and we’ve seen companies like Chumby and TCHO benefit from free press and a boosted brand identity in exchange for posting their entire process on-line for all to see. So what happens when a company that makes bad products still practices transparently? Flickr introduced me […]

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green walls 2

While in Paris I was fortunate to come across two green walls in the city: the first is a massive three-story vertical jungle atop a loading dock for a department store in the Marais by Patrick Blanc (above), the second was a billboard for a green cleaning product near the Sorbonne (below). While I generally […]

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generating flat-pack furniture

I’ve covered Kram/Weisshar‘s Breeding Tables before, and they’re now available for sale at Moroso. I was finally able to see them up close – including process documentation and parts splayed out – at the Pompidou center a couple of weeks ago. To recap, the tables are generated using a genetic algorithm; its parts are cut […]

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