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Structural Problems

The Bridgehead buildings in Linz (Austria) have a tortured history: they were built as the Fuhrermuseum, to house Adolf Hitler’s own collection of stolen art. This past year Linz celebrated as cultural capital of Europe, and a powerful series of interventions to one of these buildings sought to (literally) uncover the history of their construction. […]

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one painting show

I visited the Louvre DNP Museum Lab again this year to see their interactive installations developed around ‘The Slippers’ by the 17th Century Dutch painter Samuel van Hoogstraten. As in past exhibits, the show – which takes roughly one hour to see – focuses entirely on one piece of art on loan from the Louvre. […]

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ayah bdeir

Les Années Lumière ( 14/2/05 – 14/5/08 ) from ayah bdeir on Vimeo. Ayah Bdeir is speaking at TEI ’09, where she will be showing her latest work.Les Anees Lumiere (The Enlightenment Years) is a map visualization that documents the bombings of her native Lebanon over the past three years in an eerily beautiful way. […]

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zoom interface

Sometimes the best interfaces are the simplest: take this touch screen interface for the NTT ICC (Tokyo) entitled Micro Presence by Kenji Kohiyama, masahiko Morita, Tatsuya Saito and Shuheu Wemler from Keio University. Having photographed insects at super-high resolution, the best way to engage visitors was to show the insects real size and allow anyone […]

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tunnel of light

Anthony McCall’s You and I, Horizontal is a stunning if very simple installation at the NTT ICC in Tokyo: a single projection of a slowly changing line is transformed into a space of light. The projected light is enhanced by a fog machine in a darkened room so that the shaft of light can be […]

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eye of the beholder

While in Tokyo last week I was lucky to visit the Light Insight exhibit at the NTT ICC, and I’ll be posting about several of the pieces over the next couple of days. The first one to strike me was the Thought Projector by alien productions. The installation projects room-sized images of the viewer’s eye […]

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renaissance map

While visiting the Institute and Museum of the History of Science in Florence last year, Director Paolo Galluzzi treated us to a sneak peek inside a new feature on his musem’s media-rich web site: maps drawn by Leonardo da Vinci scanned and posted in a Google maps interface so we could compare the renaissance originals […]

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improvised devices

While visiting the spectacular Alexander Calder: the Paris Years at the Whitney last weekend I came across a book on his ‘devised objects,’ namely the household devices that he improvised with the same whimsy of his wire-and-found-object sculptures. Just as he was capable of making kinetic toys and figural sculpture from bare wire and trinkets […]

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