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Evening Ware

As a frequent attendee of computational couture/fashionable technology/wearable computing events, I’ve grown suspicious that computers could become a seamless extension of Fashion. Until Thursday, when I was lucky enough to attend Diana Eng‘s runway show at Eyebeam Atelier. Her line explores many (by now) traditional techniques – electroluminescent wires, inflatables, computer-generated patterns, the ubiquitous LEDs […]

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Fashion without Trash

The fashion industry is the poster child for un-sustainable practices, as we’ve already seen from the myriad of social and environmental problems plaguing the cotton trade. Fashion designers share the responsibility, because they are so remote from the means of production – usually outsourced to Southeast Asia, Africa or South America – that their designs […]

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Bike Brights

Gus writes “Have you made or do you know of something that both of us could wear that would enhance our visibility as bicyclists?” There are a number of ways for us bicyclists to stand out day or night, ranging from the ultra-geeky to the super-fashionable. Here they are in that order: 1. Make your […]

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techniques for soft electronics

How to get what you want is a rich resource for anyone working in wearable technology – whether you’re looking to to knit your own stretch sensor,

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Machine Shoe

Ten Bhomer‘s ‘Rotational Moulded Shoe’ is an anti-craft exploration that seeks to replace the manual process of shoe-making with a machine. A plastic shank is placed inside a mold with rubber resin, and as the mold is continuously rotated the rubber hardens into a shell akin to the way rubber duckies are made. While seemingly […]

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laser dress

At the London Design Museum’s spectacularly designed Hussein Chalayan exhibit my favorite piece was a laser-studded outfit with miniature red diodes illuminated in sequences all over the body. They’re exhibited behind tinted glass to avoid blinding the viewer; their aggressive beauty is reminiscent of Adam Whiton and Yolita Nugent’s No-Contact Jacket, though in this case […]

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ayah bdeir

Les Années Lumière ( 14/2/05 – 14/5/08 ) from ayah bdeir on Vimeo. Ayah Bdeir is speaking at TEI ’09, where she will be showing her latest work.Les Anees Lumiere (The Enlightenment Years) is a map visualization that documents the bombings of her native Lebanon over the past three years in an eerily beautiful way. […]

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paper cloth

Mio pointed me to a Japanese site that sells cloth and clothing made from a combination of cloth and rice paper. There is a lot of talk about design for durability, but even better is the conscientious reuse of temporary materials. This solution looks like it might make an adequate vegetarian substitute for leather, it […]

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