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Hijacking Ads

Last month at LUCID I had the honor of opening for Ji Lee, a Google employee who was discovered because of his brilliant guerilla advertisements or ‘hijackings’ as he calls them. He is responsible for The Bubble Project, a simple and thoroughly successful adbusting campaign where bubble stickers placed on posters invite crowd commentary. It […]

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Bike Brights

Gus writes “Have you made or do you know of something that both of us could wear that would enhance our visibility as bicyclists?” There are a number of ways for us bicyclists to stand out day or night, ranging from the ultra-geeky to the super-fashionable. Here they are in that order: 1. Make your […]

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paper 2.0

Humble paper – cheap, flexible, renewable – is becoming a medium of choice for ubiquitous computing through the popularization of augmented reality tags that can be read by cell phone and computer cameras everywhere. Above is a very elaborate simulation software running on a tangible interface – all controlled by printed paper. The videos shows […]

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one painting show

I visited the Louvre DNP Museum Lab again this year to see their interactive installations developed around ‘The Slippers’ by the 17th Century Dutch painter Samuel van Hoogstraten. As in past exhibits, the show – which takes roughly one hour to see – focuses entirely on one piece of art on loan from the Louvre. […]

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dinner globe

The Dinner Table Game by Luckybite was one of the nominees at this year’s British Insurance Design Awards. The maquette I photographed (below) represents a full-sized dinner table at the London Science Museum (above) projected with virtual food on white place settings. A globular lazy susan allows visitors to understand where food comes from and […]

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magical things

Goro Motai pointed me to the work of Camille Scherer, an interaction designer who has the most elegant vision for augmented reality I’ve ever seen. Instead of designing objects for machines to read, she imbues meaningful things with added information in a harmonious way – giving you the feeling that the things around you all […]

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virtual vandalism

Last month I saw Nokia champion Jurgen Scheible present Mobispray at Nightmarket 2008. He uses a cell phone to paint graffiti on anything through a multimedia projector. The real-time interaction is guided through a custom interface on a (of course) Nokia phone with an accelerometer to place and rotate dabs of virtual paint. It’s a […]

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see-through walls

Chris O’Shea’s ‘Out of Bounds‘ is a gallery installation that allows you to see through walls by merely pointing a torch at them. Built in C++ with OpenCV and openFrameworks, it’s an elegant example of how Augmented Reality is becoming commonplace now that projectors and cameras are widely available. And with the advent of light-transmitting […]

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