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Radical Traceability

Small and independent producers can benefit from the Internet’s Long Tail and on-demand manufacturing to find supply and demand for their products. Now, they can also count on radical traceability in the form of, a website that combines user-contributed design with the ability to follow each step in the manufacturing process once a product […]

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slice of the pod pie

Andy Lippman pointed me to the work of the Personal Computing Industry Center at UC Irvine and specifically to some papers that analyze the global economic impact of the computer industry. In “Who Captures Value in a Global Innovation System? The case of Apple’s iPod (pdf)” the authors analyze how the profit from a single […]

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green walls 2

While in Paris I was fortunate to come across two green walls in the city: the first is a massive three-story vertical jungle atop a loading dock for a department store in the Marais by Patrick Blanc (above), the second was a billboard for a green cleaning product near the Sorbonne (below). While I generally […]

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public objects

‘Products of Service‘ are an alternative to cradle-to-grave life cycles where consumers only temporarily rent goods from manufacturers so that their valuable components can be directly re-used. In lieu of such enlightened manufacturing practices, a social network has been introduced where anyone can rent out their own possessions to reduce waste: Zilok is a Zipcar […]

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creative commons kiosk

Last week at the Fuori Salone the most memorable event was designersblock: held at a dilapidated public pool in Milan’s Tortona neighborhood, it featured booths by designers and collectives organized under the London-based design collaborative. One of the exhibitors was KithKin’s “Some Rights Reserved,” a kiosk offering creative commons-licensed digital wares at low low prices […]

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barter for good

Inspired by the OLPC’s ‘Give one, Get one‘ campaign and Product (RED), brandnext‘s THE STORE FOR TOMORROW is an exploration of how consumerism could be transformed into a meaningful activity. The store’s only currency is time, which can be exchanged for products ranging from gadgets to travel or an ISBN number. Some examples of trades […]

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virtual fit

louise guay, president and founder of my virtual model, presented her company’s avatar-based fashion shopping and social networking system tuesday at the moda+tecnologia gathering at the ICA. on-line shopping for clothes is notoriously unsatisfying, especially if you care about fit and detail. americans only buy 8% of their clothes on-line, as compared to 41% of […]

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