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Hijacking Ads

Last month at LUCID I had the honor of opening for Ji Lee, a Google employee who was discovered because of his brilliant guerilla advertisements or ‘hijackings’ as he calls them. He is responsible for The Bubble Project, a simple and thoroughly successful adbusting campaign where bubble stickers placed on posters invite crowd commentary. It […]

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techniques for soft electronics

How to get what you want is a rich resource for anyone working in wearable technology – whether you’re looking to to knit your own stretch sensor,

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ticketing cops

At this year’s Future of News and Civic Media conference I learned about The Open Planning Project, a non-profit organization dedicated to civic empowerment through public space and transporation reform. They have produced a number of interesting web-based projects to catalyze change in the urban landscape, including ‘Uncivil Servants,’ a website for citizens to report […]

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renaissance map

While visiting the Institute and Museum of the History of Science in Florence last year, Director Paolo Galluzzi treated us to a sneak peek inside a new feature on his musem’s media-rich web site: maps drawn by Leonardo da Vinci scanned and posted in a Google maps interface so we could compare the renaissance originals […]

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design it yourself

Enzo Mari‘s 1974 Autoprogettazioni (Design and build-it-yourself projects) are simple schemes for tables and chairs that can be made from scrap wood in a variety of proportions and configurations. You can follow the designs or even buy complete kits, but you don’t have to: just looking at these images allows the designs to be freely […]

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DIY vase

Enzo Mari’s Ecolo’ vase kit is a gift and a method: it contains four household plastic containers artfully cut up into flower vases, and it prompts you to do the same with all of the other plastic containers you might throw out.

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being wrong

Patagonia’s Footprint Chronicles is a remarkable feat for a fashion company: a visualization of their products’ global supply chains on a map, along with videos of each step in the manufacturing process, and descriptions of each item in terms of distance traveled, CO2 emissions, waste generated and energy consumption. Not only is it impressive that […]

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diy camera

The Miroslav Tichy exhibit at the Pompidou Center shows a unique kind of outsider art: voyeuristic photographs shot by the Soviet artist using exclusively hand-made cameras pieced together from trash and household odds-and-ends to take complex if imperfect tele-photo and otherwise surprise visions of human nature. You can see all of his hand-made cameras and […]

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