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Bike Brights

Gus writes “Have you made or do you know of something that both of us could wear that would enhance our visibility as bicyclists?” There are a number of ways for us bicyclists to stand out day or night, ranging from the ultra-geeky to the super-fashionable. Here they are in that order: 1. Make your […]

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automatic garden

There are a number of plant–growing appliances out there meant to sit on your countertop and look nice next to your iPod – but not the Omega Garden Carousel. This industrial hydroponic behemoth packs 1,500 sf of farming into 150sf of floor space with cylindrical stainless steel cages that take turns soaking in a nutrient […]

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magnetic chips

Ayah Bdeir launched ‘Little Bits‘ last week at Eyebeam: a kit of magnet-studded circuit components that naturally snap together with the right polarity. The idea is to make prototyping of simple interaction possible for those outside the electrical engineering profession – such as this example of a product designer experimenting with lights on a mock-up […]

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light noodles

Charlie Davidson’s Hasta la Pasta is part of the redesign (tagline: for designers who don’t want to make landfill) Lighten Up collection of lamps that have vastly reduced environmental impact. Making products out of food – like these spoons and these espresso cups – guarantees that they compost well and affords alternative uses – especially […]

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light pipes

The tangible representation of light as material makes it fun – and intuitive – to add it and to take it away. We saw an adult version of modular light blocks at this year’s Salone Satellite; now a children’s bedside lamp by beingblease that allows the child to configure colorful magnetic tubes that bend and […]

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see-through walls

Chris O’Shea’s ‘Out of Bounds‘ is a gallery installation that allows you to see through walls by merely pointing a torch at them. Built in C++ with OpenCV and openFrameworks, it’s an elegant example of how Augmented Reality is becoming commonplace now that projectors and cameras are widely available. And with the advent of light-transmitting […]

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shadow sign

The sign for the Gallery Hotel Art in Florence is very discrete – you can only see it at night, and it’s fashioned from small bits of bent wire, which when lit from above by a spotlight project shadows that reveal the hotel’s name on the stucco facade of the building.

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