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Hijacking Ads

Last month at LUCID I had the honor of opening for Ji Lee, a Google employee who was discovered because of his brilliant guerilla advertisements or ‘hijackings’ as he calls them. He is responsible for The Bubble Project, a simple and thoroughly successful adbusting campaign where bubble stickers placed on posters invite crowd commentary. It […]

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computer aided re-design

Freitag is well known for their messenger bags up-cycled from the tarps used to cover trucks in Europe. They have a very clever web-based design application that allows you to custom-design a bag from the tarps they have in stock, even accounting for the pieces that have already been claimed by other customers. It’s a […]

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While visiting the UK recently I was surprised by a pervasive public service campaign aimed at curbing alcohol consumption. The government is educating consumers about the appropriate amount of liquor to consume based on a point system (2-3 per woman per day, 3-4 per man) which adorns every container of beer, wine and spirits (above […]

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craft cam

At distancelab last week I saw Elena Corchero’s Handmade, a wearable camera for capturing the work you do with your hands. This is a simple, wearable solution to the problem of documenting manual tasks for a variety of new media, including DIY sites such as instructables for which the process of documenting a task can […]

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fly light

While jetting to Inverness today I found an eco-label for airplanes in my Flybe in-flight magazine. The airline – proud of its fleet of new planes – publishes the environmental impact of its aircraft in terms of fuel, carbon dioxide, pollution and noise. Even without being widely disseminated these labels help to engender environmental literacy, […]

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Bio-pens are made of 80% cellulose acetate, a material that was invented in 1865 and is now most commonly used in cigarette filters. It is a biopolymer made from wood pulp with an embodied energy of 100 MJ/kg – about six times higher than glass and and twice as much as PET, although it’s biodegradable […]

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political calculations

One of the Obama campaign’s web-savvy contributions to political discourse is this tax calculator, a website (and a badge) that allows anyone interested in calculating their taxes under his (or his opponent’s) proposed plan to find out which makes the more sense. Web-based calculators are nothing new, and I’ve written before about environmental footprint calculators […]

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timed bits

Dentyne’s face time web site has a unique feature: in an effort to promote chewing gum use as a part of hetero-normative making out, the website only allows you to visit for three minutes. Needless to say, you can always come back, but the idea of imparting physical constraints on digital media is refreshingly un-DRM-ish: […]

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